Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Flower Shots.

I felt in the dreary and cold November we are having that a few photos of color from another time might be nice, something to lift us all a bit. I added a drop frame to them, I like the effect. Mom took these in early 90's.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mama bought a Camera !!!

I am so excited to share with you all, mama bought herself a small inexpensive digital camera. It is simple and only a 9.5 mp, but it is also light and easy for her to use. What decided this?  She revealed to me, that she has not been without a camera since she was a very young girl. She gave me her 35mm, (which I am not using as of yet,) because it was to heavy , took to long for her to adjust, her memory is not what it used to be and she was making errors in the settings a lot. She was looking out her living room window the other day at Lyle's porch; which is generally occupied by 4 or 5 cats, she loves to watch them, she saw a raccoon, a big boy. she was so upset that she didn't have a camera to snap, we went out  that day and bought her one. I am so happy to see her regaining interests in her old hobbies. Thinking of something other than doctors and death, so proud, hopefully she will have some new photos for me to post.

Mom has gained enough confidence that she is willing and able to drive herself to the doctor on occasion, it is a few blocks from her home. She is spending more time talking to neighbors, or was before the weather set in, and in general is a much happier person than she was a year ago. This is what I am grateful for, mom having some peace in her heart.

Here are some pictures of the Oregon Dunes. Some of them look white, they are not it, was the exposure, I am impressed with these because the majority of them were taken while in a moving in a dune buggy.

This is the rig she took photos from while moving.